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January 11, 2021

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Nearly 4 million Americans have been out of work for at least six months

U.S. Economy in Spotlight Amid Optimism on More Aid

mRNA Vaccines Could Vanquish Covid Today, Cancer Tomorrow

54% of part-time workers think retirement is unrealistic: Saving might be tough but not impossible

One chart highlights how the 2020 recession and recovery are like no other

America Is Pumping Out Too Many Ph.D.s

Joe Biden’s $2,000 stimulus checks: How soon could you get yours?

Did Covid Lockdowns Really Clear the Air?

Finding a job won’t be easy for months: economist

Auto industry unlikely to return to normal anytime soon as COVID-19 lingers

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Vic Napier loves living in historic and beautiful Tucson Arizona teaching Business, Psychology and Statistics. Visit his blog at www.VicNapier.com

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