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January 4, 2021

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Not to ruin the party, but the 2021 forecast is nightmarish

Fauci sees U.S. gaining control over pandemic by next autumn

Moving Into the Long Term

Ten Ways Covid-19 Has Changed the World Economy Forever

Shopping malls were struggling before COVID-19 and now have more empty stores. What’s next after the pandemic?

More store closings in 2021? These are the most vulnerable major retailers of 2021 as pandemic continues

Are you willing to pay for email? How about podcasts? Here are our tech predictions for 2021

US home prices rise nearly 8% — fastest pace in more than 6 years — driven by COVID-19 pandemic moving trends

Is a Home Office Actually More Productive? Some Workers Think So.

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Vic Napier loves living in historic and beautiful Tucson Arizona teaching Business, Psychology and Statistics. Visit his blog at www.VicNapier.com

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